Services & Parts Team

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  • Andrei Enica
    Service Consultant

  • Danielle Stout
    Service Consultant

    Danielle has been at Calgary BMW since March 2013. Her hobbies include baking, snowboarding and her favorite BMW is a M3.

  • Don Dore
    Senior Service Consultant

    Don has been with the Dilawri Group since 2007 and with Calgary BMW since 2010.  He was the recipient of the Gold Winner award for outstanding customer service.  In his free time, Don enjoys playing hockey and going to the gym.

  • Elise Parsons
    Lead Service Consultant

    Elise joined the Calgary BMW Service Team in 2003, bringing with her years of Customer Service experience. She loves helping people and learning something new every day about our incredible products.

  • Jesse Farhat
    Service Consultant

    A BMW fan since birth, Jesse joined the BMW team in early 2013.  With a background in numerous other customer service positions, the transition to the automotive industry has been seamless.  Jesse has been trained in all aspects of the service department; he'll be there to answer any questions.

  • Niki Dickinson
    Service Consultant

  • Sabrina Gales-Rizzoli
    Service Consultant

    Sabrina first joined Calgary BMW in 2016 as our shuttle coordinator. Since then, she has advanced herself to the Junior Advisor position and has been loving it ever since! Sabrina is very knowledgeable when it comes to service and is always there to help. Sabrina's hobbies include cheer-leading and taking care of her cats; Peanut & Butter. 

  • Allan Calagui
    Parts Representative

    Allan's passion for building cars has come from his childhood of tinkering and putting together model cars. After getting into the automotive industry Allan started building cars for himself, friends and clients to perform on the street and on the track. Doing everything from superchargers, turbos, to nitrous, he has always had a knack for making cars look great and performing to another level.  After owning a 2008 335i Sedan, Allan has a new found passion, and that is BMW!

  • Jack White
    Parts Representative

    Jack has been a Journeyman Partsman in Calgary for almost thirty years and has been helping clients at Calgary BMW since 2011.

  • James Lamarsh
    Parts Representative

    James has been in customer service  and the automotive industry since 2007. He has always had a passion for cars and the BMW brand. In his spare time he enjoys snowboarding in the winter and biking and kayaking in the summer. 

  • Jonathan Bachelder
    Parts Representative

    Jonathan has loved all things "that go" since he can remember, he would draw vehicles and build them out of Lego, he loves all board sports and of course he loves cars. He has been in customer service since he started to work, always striving to help people and brighten their day. He spends most of his time with his three young sons playing, taking photos, designing and creating things and passing his passion for things "that go" on to them.

  • Manny Trojillo
    Parts Representative

    Manny has loved cars ever since his first power wheels.  He was born in Winnipeg, MB.  He has been a Parts Advisor since 2000. Manny's First BMW love was the Isetta. He enjoys driving his new baby girl and family around town looking for sushi.

  • Tara-Mae Ferraz
    Parts Representative

    Specializing in parts and BMW Lifestyles, Tara-Mae joined Calgary BMW in 2007 and brings over 15 years of automotive experience to her customers.  Currently driving a 2016 328xi, Tara-Mae loves going on road trips to fully enjoy the BMW driving experience outside of work.

  • Taylor Thiessen
    Parts Representative

    Taylor has had a magnetic attraction to cars and motorcycles since he can remember. That has translated into a passion for BMW products, and makes him a natural fit for BMW. In his spare time, Taylor enjoys working on project cars and motorcycles, and travelling around Alberta and BC.

  • Ralph Bordenuik
    Parts Driver

  • Wendy Yagos
    Parts Driver

  • The Calgary BMW Technicians

    Our technical team has over 160 years of experience that just keeps growing each day. Every year we send our techs to an average of 6 days of training with BMW, so that they can keep up with the constant evolution of technology. It is our goal to fix every vehicle right the first time.

  • Ardeth Huskins
    Regional Customer Care Representative | Team Lead

    Ardeth joined Calgary BMW in February of 2015, she has had many years of customer service in different industries but is new to the car business. In her spare time she loves spending time with her three dogs and taking her horse for a long relaxing ride.

  • Alyssa VanGelderen
    Regional Customer Care Representative

    Alyssa has been in the auto industry for the past two years and brings over 6 years customer service to her clients. In her spare time you can find her adventuring in the mountains and enjoying the outdoors, traveling, and taking photos.

  • Laura Johnson
    Regional Customer Care Representative

  • Taylor King
    Regional Customer Care Representative